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Brain Dance 2018

1.  Complete the online submission form and submit with your project via
     E-mail to

2.  If you prefer to submit your project by mail:
     a.  Complete the submission form and indicate on the form that you
          are submitting the project by mail.

     b.  Print a copy of the submission form and attach to a copy of
          your project.  Mail the copy of your project and submission form to:

          Nancy Hubbard, LCSW Family Resource Center
          The Institute of Living Carolina Cottage
          200 Retreat Ave
          Hartford, CT 06106

     c.  If the project is difficult to copy (example: a sculpture), please
          contact us to make other arrangements.
     d.  Please make sure your name and the name of your school is written
          on your submission form and project.

     e.  If 2 or more students are working on a project together,
          please complete only one submission form (not one for each
          student).  There is space on the submission form to list all the

3.  Submission deadline is February 1, 2018

Brain Dance Electronic Submission Form (click here)

Brain Dance
Submission Form - Printer Friendly (click here)



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