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How are the projects judged?

The intent of the BrainDance Awards is to encourage students to complete projects related to severe mental illness. The projects will be judged by expert clinicians and researchers in the field. Projects on any theme related to severe mental illness will be considered for an award.  While we are interested in projects related to the stigma of mental illness, submissions that do not deal directly with stigma, but show a high quality of work may receive high ratings.


Projects submitted to the art competition will be judged based on their ability to demonstrate the studentís technical artistic ability and the studentís empathy with persons who have mental illness.


Projects submitted to the academic competition will be judged based on originality, accuracy of information, scientific/academic rigor and relevance to the issue of fighting stigma, as follows:

Fighting stigma Ė such projects will get higher scores if they address the issue of the stigma of mental illness or it is clear from the submission that the applicant developed a more realistic appreciation of people with severe mental illness. If a student chooses to submit a project that does not  relate to stigma, they will be rated only on scientific/academic rigor, originality and accuracy.  No points will be subtracted because they do not deal with the topic of stigma.

Scientific/Academic Rigor - projects will get higher scores if sound scientific methods are used and data are presented.  If data are not presented and analyzed, projects will receive higher scores If multiple sources of information and used and cited.

Originality - projects will get higher scores if there is evidence of original thinking

Accuracy - submissions will receive higher scores if the projects are factually accurate




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