The Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory is contained within 2000sqft of space within the Whitehall building. Twin 64-channel high-resolution EEG acquisition systems are available for psychophysiological research. Each acquisition system is comprised of a three computer array dedicated for stimulus presentation, behavioral monitoring, and signal acquisition, respectively. Precise presentation of simple and complex multimodal stimuli is accomplished with a custom Visual and Auditory Presentation Package (VAPP) specifically designed for use in research settings. Monitoring of participants' behavioral data is performed to assess reaction time and accuracy online using a Code Integration and Response Computer (CIRC). The signal acquisition for EEG and other psychophysiological signals (i.e., heart rate) are recorded with Digitize, a custom program for high-resolution data collection. The Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory uses custom designed SA Instrumentation bioelectric amplifiers. All data is collected within custom electrically shielded and sound dampened recording booths. A suite of software tools are available for quantitative EEG and event-related potential (ERP) computation, measurement, and analyses. A cluster of Sun workstations are used for analyses of all EEG and psychophysiological data. Support for exporting data to commercial EEG/ERP software for analyses is available.



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