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Clinical Neuroscience and Development Laboratory

Clinical Neuroscience and Development Laboratory

Welcome to the Clinical Neuroscience and Development Laboratory (CNDLAB)

The CNDLAB, under the direction of Dr. Michael C. Stevens, variously focuses on several psychiatric disorders commonly seen in pediatric groups, including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  To better understand how abnormalities of brain structure and function may contribute to these illnesses, the laboratory employs functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electrophysiology (event-related potential and time-frequency decomposition analyses), eye tracking techniques, neuropsychological assessment, brain structure analysis (including diffusion tensor imaging), and genetic analysis techniques.  The CNDLAB also uses these techniques to study brain structure and function during typical adolescent and young adult maturation.

Areas of Research Interest

� Neural network correspondence with cognition and behavior.
� Functional Neuroimaging intermediate phenotypes marking risk for psychiatric illness.
� Developmental changes to brain function that increase or decrease risk for mental illnesses.

We work in conjunction with the COBBRA Lab and the VR Lab at the ONRC, and in various collaborations, specifically with active collaborations with colleagues at the Yale University School of Medicine, University of Connecticut, and MIND Institute at the University of New Mexico.

Research - Current Projects

Methods & Neuroimaging equipment

Methodology/Software Used in the CNDLAB


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