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Clinical Neuroscience and Develo

Clinical Neuroscience and Development Laboratory

Methodology/Software Used in the CNDLAB

             -Group ICA of fMRI Toolbox (GIFT v1.3e). The GIFT toolbox is  a MATLAB toolbox which implements multiple algorithms for independent component analysis and blind source separation of group (and single subject) functional magnetic resonance imaging data and electro encephalogram data.        

             -Fusion ICA Toolbox (FIT): FIT is a MATLAB toolbox which implements the joint ICA and parallel ICA methods. It is used to examine the shared information between the features (SPM contrast image, EEG signal or SNP data).

  • SPM - SPM is a MATLAB software package implementing Statistical Parametric Mapping for neuroimaging data.

  • EEGLAB ?  EEGLAB is an interactive Matlab toolbox for processing continuous and event-related EEG, MEG and other electrophysiological data using independent component analysis (ICA), time/frequency analysis, artifact rejection, and several modes of data visualization.

  • SCAN 4.3 ? Neuroscan Systems. The SCAN Analysis software is a comprehensive tool for processing and analyzing EEG and ERP data.

  • ERPSS - The Event-Related Potential Software System.


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