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Clinical Neuroscience and Develo

Clinical Neuroscience and Development Laboratory

Methods & Neuroimaging equipment

  • Siemens Allegra 3T MRI

  • Siemans Skyra 3T MRI

  • Two 64-channel high-resolution EEG acquisition systems are available for psychophysiological research.

    • One is a 64 channel Neuroscan system- SCAN 4.3 with STIM2 for stimulus presentation.

    • The other is an Isolated Bioelctric amplifier system custom designed and built for research at the IOL with 64 channel EEG caps from Electro-Cap International, Inc. Using VAPP for auditory and visual stimulus presentation.

  • A Polhemus 3D FASTRAK digitizer (magnetically based recording system) is used for exact localization of electrodes with reference to individual subject anatomy for subsequent coregistration with anatomical MRI.

  • Eyelink II ? Head Mounted System: The EyeLink II is a head mounted binocular eye tracking device with dual image processing modes of pupil only, 500 Hz sampling, or pupil-CR, 250 hz sampling. The head mounted design makes this high end system extremely versatile with integrated head movement compensation and an optional scene camera option.

  • PPI ? Prepulse Inhibition Equipment includes a GRASS amplifier, PSYLAB Stand alone monitor, TGWN Auditory Stimulator (Tone and Noise) and a Biopac MP100 system.

  • A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator system is available for clinical and neuropsychiatric research.

    • Brain Products GmBH PowerMag Research 100 Stimulator and system

    • Polaris Vicra optical measurement system by NDI

    • Localite neuronavigation software for neuronavigation during TMS

    • Rogue Research BrainSight Generation 3 TMS chair for participant comfort



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