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COBBRA Laboratory


Welcome to the COgnition, Brain Imaging, Behavior Research and Allelic Variation Laboratory (COBBRA Lab) of the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center (ONRC) at the Institute of Living (IOL). Our emphasis is on large-scale, multi-domain quantitative research projects that examine major mental disorders, addictive processes and normal aging from the viewpoint of analysis of brain structure and function, from a genetic perspective.

Primary areas of interest include:

1. The relationship between multiple biological markers of psychotic illnesses (including brain imaging), vulnerability genes for schizophrenia and their function in the central nervous system.

2. The actions of abused substances on complex cognitive processes viewed from a behavioral and neuroimaging perspective.

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Current Research
Methods & Neuroimaging Equipment

Dr. Godfrey Pearlson
Michal Assaf
Pawel Skudlarski
Alecia Dager
Janet Ng
Farah Aslanzadeh
Hannah Janis
Sabin Khadka
Ritu Sharma Meda
Shashwath Meda
Balaji Narayanan
Krishna Pancholi
Lindsey Scarpace
Andrea Stone
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