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COBBRA Laboratory


Methods & Neuroimaging Equipment

  • Siemens Skyra 3T MRI

  • Two 64-channel high-resolution EEG acquisition systems are available for psychophysiological research.

    • One is a 64 channel Neuroscan system- SCAN 4.3 with STIM2 for stimulus presentation.
    • The other is an Isolated Bioelctric amplifier system custom designed and built for research at the IOL with 64 channel EEG caps from Electro-Cap International, Inc. Using VAPP for auditory and visual stimulus presentation.

  • A Polhemus 3D FASTRAK digitizer (magnetically based recording system) is used for exact localization of electrodes with reference to individual subject anatomy for subsequent coregistration with anatomical MRI.

  • Eyelink II � Head Mounted System: The EyeLink II is a head mounted binocular eye tracking device with dual image processing modes of pupil only, 500 Hz sampling, or pupil-CR, 250 hz sampling. The head mounted design makes this high end system extremely versatile with integrated head movement compensation and an optional scene camera option.

Dr. Godfrey Pearlson
Michal Assaf
Pawel Skudlarski
Alecia Dager
Janet Ng
Farah Aslanzadeh
Hannah Janis
Sabin Khadka
Ritu Sharma Meda
Shashwath Meda
Balaji Narayanan
Krishna Pancholi
Lindsey Scarpace
Andrea Stone
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