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Obesity and Food Addiction

�Interdisciplinary Center on Obesity Research�

This study examines the hypothesis that failure to lose significant weight, by 12 months post-bariatric surgery, will be related to features of "food addiction"  in patients undergoing bariatric surgery at Hartford Hospital�s Surgical Weight Loss Program as well as healthy control participants of normal weight between ages 18-60. Impulsivity, craving regulation, and reward-drive are studied using paper and pencil tasks, computer tasks, and fMRI scans, during which participants will be engaged in computer tasks.

For more information, please call Hannah at (860)-545-7106 or at

Center for Translation Neuroscience of Alcoholism � Projet 3 (CTNA-P3)

This study examines participants with and without a history of alcoholism in their families. The effects of Memantine on alcoholism risk-relevant tasks with regard to reward and impulsivity behavior are explored. Memantine is an FDA approved drug that is used in older patients with memory problems but is believed to have a role in alcoholism therapy. If you are right-handed and between the ages of 18 and 35 then you may be eligible to participate!

For more information, please call Lindsey at (860)-545-7255 or at

Psychosis and Affective Research Domains and Intermediate Phenotypes (PARDIP)

The reason we are doing this study is to gain a better understanding of the structural and functional brain, cognitive, and genetic differences between persons with different types of bipolar disorder. That is, do people with different types of bipolar disorder perform and look different? Qualified participants will be paid $20/hr for their time and will complete interviews, pen, paper and computer tests, blood draw, electroencephalogy (EEG), and non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging tests (MRI). This is a study of patients with bipolar disorder and healthy people.  Recruitment Needs:  This study is open to adults up to age 18-60.

Contact Farah at 860-545-7983 or at

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