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The People of the Olin Neuropsychiatric Research Center

The People of the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

Keith Hawkins, Psy.D.
Professor, & Director,
Neuropsychological Assessment Service
Department of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine

Room 530, CMHC
34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06519

Who Am I?

As a neuropsychologist with training, clinical and research responsibilities I�m interested in neuropsychiatric conditions broadly, from Axis 1 disorders (primarily prodromal and early stage schizophrenia) through diverse brain insults to neurodegenerative conditions. My current core interests are in risk factors for clinically significant cognitive decline in late life, and in the detection of cognitive changes in prodromal (pre-motor) Parkinson�s disease.

Olin Roles and Responsibilities

  • Consulting on neuropsychological assessment issues, training, and data quality assurance.

  • Collaborative research with particular focus on the neuropsychological components of studies.

  • Collaborative grant and manuscript writing.

Current Projects (examples)

  • Effects of drinking on brain function at college (G. Pearlson, PI)

  • Analysis of normal aging cognitive data in older African Americans (K. Hawkins, PI)

  • Collaboration with M. Stevens (PI) in investigating normal neurodevelopment of executive functioning in adolescents.

Honors and Professional Memberships

  • 2004 Research Poster Prize, International Conference on Early Psychosis, Vancouver.

  • 2005 Peterson Prize for contributions to Professional Psychology

  • 2007 Best Poster Prize, American Geriatric Society Annual Meeting, Seattle (James Lai M.D. first author).

  • 2006 - current Member, (i) Continuing Education Committee; (ii) Publications Committee, International Neuropsychological Society

  • Editorial Board Appointments: J. International Neuropsychological Society; Clinical Neuropsychologist; J. Psychiatry & Neuroscience; J. Clin & Exp Neuropsychology (1999-09); Behavioural Neurology

  • 2010 Hot Topic Presenter (1 of 12 selected from 475 entrants), World Congress on Parkinson�s Disease, Glasgow, Scotland.

Publications (selected)

  • Hawkins, K. A., & Tulsky, D. (2003) WAIS-III WMS-III discrepancy analysis: Six-factor model index discrepancy base rates, implications, and utility. In D. Tulsky, D. Saklofske, G. Chelune et al. (Eds.) Clinical Interpretation of the WAIS-III and WMS-III. San Diego: Academic Press.

  • Hoffman, R.E., Hawkins, K.A. et al. (2003) One hertz transcranial magnetic stimulation of left temporoparietal cortex reduces medication resistant auditory hallucinations. Archives of General Psychiatry, 60 (1): 49-56. PMID12511172

  • Hawkins, K.A., Keefe, R.S., Christensen, B., Addington, J., Perkins, D.O., et al. (2004) Neuropsychological status of subjects at high risk for a first episode of psychosis. Schizophrenia Research, 67: 115-22.

  • Cooney, L.M., Kennedy, G.J., Hawkins, K.A. & Hurme, S.B. (2004) Who can stay home? Assessing the capacity to choose to live in the community. Archives of Internal Medicine, 164 (4): 356-360. PMID14980985

  • Reid, M. C., Van Ness, P.H., Hawkins, K.A., et al. (2006). Light-to-moderate alcohol consumption is associated with better cognitive function among older male veterans. J Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology,19: 98-105. PMID16690995

  • Hawkins, K.A. et al. (2008) Neuropsychological Course in the Prodrome and First Episode of Psychosis: Findings from the PRIME North America Double Blind Treatment Study. Schizophrenia Research,105 (1-3): 1-9 PMID18774696

  • Wisdom, N.M., Callahan, J., & Hawkins K.A. (In press). The effect of Apolipoprotein E on non-impaired cognitive functioning: A meta-analysis. Neurobiology of Aging.

  • Hawkins, K.A. & Pearlson, G. D. (In press). Age and Gender, but not Chronic Illnesses, Affect Odor Identification in Older African Americans: Neurodegenerative Screening Implications. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

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