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3T Siemens Allegra


3T MRI head Scanner designed for brain research

  • Increased signal-to-noise ratio and BOLD-effect due to 3T field strength.
  • Reduced susceptibility-based distortions in single-shot EPI due to ultra-short echo-spacing.
  • Highest b-values in diffusion weighted imaging due to powerful gradient system.

Most compact 3T magnet

  • High patient comfort and easy accessibility for functional stimulation studies.
  • Magnet length only 1.25 m, magnet weight 4 tons.
  • Magnetic fringe field comparable to 1.5 T whole-body system.

Most Advanced Gradient Performance

  • Highest-performance head gradient system with FDA approved max. gradient strength 40 mT/m and slew rate 400 T/m/sec.
  • Excellent linearity across 22 cm FOV.
  • Noise-reducing design, water-cooled.

Sequence Development Environment

  • The development environment for protocols and pulse sequences is fully integrated. It allows not only for development, but also for simulating, testing and debugging of protocols and pulse sequences.

Ease of use

  • Realtime processing of BOLD studies during measurement, with realtime motion detection and correction, statistical evaluation and immediate display of results.
  • Programmable processing algorithm for ease of realtime BOLD data processing.
  • Ultrafast offline processing of previously acquired datasets according to different evaluation criteria.


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